Our Services

Our Services

We aim to provide comprehensive care of patients with epilepsy and seizures within a clinic setting. As a neurologist Dr. Bercovici sees all types of patients who have neurological symptoms or diagnosis. However, as an epilepsy specialist his main focus is seizures/epilepsy. Please see below for details

We provide general epilepsy care but also subspecialized epilepsy treatments including surgical workup. pregnancy and epilepsy, Ketogenic diet / Modified Atkins Diet, neuromodulation such as Vagus Nerve Stimulator.

We also provide ongoing adult epilepsy care for those who don’t have a current neurologist or those transitioning from their pediatric neurologist. If you would like us to provide ongoing consultation while being under the care of your regular neurologist this is possible as well.

Dr. Bercovici works in several locations:

  • Southern Ontario Epilepsy Clinic (Sherway Medical Clinic)
  • Toronto Western Hospital

Telemedicine Services

Dr. Bercovici can see patients for follow up via telemedicine (called Ontario Telemedicine Network). This means Dr. Bercovici can see patients from all around Ontario via secure connection https://otnhub.ca/patient-care/#evisit. This can be done locally in your town or city and will reduce travel time and cost. Please notify your team if this interests you.

In addition Dr. Bercovici can assist your doctors in your care through the OTN e-consult program as he is part of the Epilepsy Neurology Provincial Group. Your doctor can use the e-consult program to consult on certain matters relating to tests, meds etc and more information can be found here https://otnhub.ca/patient-care/#econsult. Please note this program is not meant to replace a face to face consult and it may require in person visit.

Electroencephalogram (EEG)

*Please note that our office now does Electroencephalograms (EEG) in house to provide more comprehensive care. Current and prospective patients of Dr. Bercovici can have their test and follow up in same clinic. Patients not being followed by Dr. Bercovici can also have the test please have your doctor refer here.

This is a test that your doctor may order for a variety of reasons. In some cases some patients with different symptoms may require an EEG. However, it’s a very important test for patients who may have seizures / epilepsy.

During your appointment you would be asked to lie down and the technologist will place electrodes with a little gel on your head. During the EEG you will be asked to breathe fast (called hyperventilation), open and close your eyes. During the photic stimulation the technologist will flash some lights at different frequencies. The goal of these activating procedures is to bring out abnormalities on the EEG.

While the recording lasts about 20-30 minutes this appointment may take 1 hour including prep time. To aid in prep please avoid using any hair products that morning.

Please note in some cases we may ask you to be sleep deprived to increase the chance of finding something on the EEG. Patient will be asked to come in first thing in morning after being up form midnight on. Please note in these situations not to consume any caffeinated beverages as we would like to see how the EEG changes while you sleep. Please make sure you can get a ride back home.

In some cases we will record video together with the EEG. You will be asked to sign consent. If there are any triggers or precautions please let the technologists know ahead of time.

In some cases more prolonged EEG monitoring can be arranged for upto 3 hours.

As with other medical tests please note that a normal result does may not rule out seizures or epilepsy and your doctor may need to repeat the test.

Your EEG results will be stored securely as with any other medical records and a report will be sent to your doctor. If you are not a patient of our clinic your doctor can refer to Dr. Bercovici to follow up on any abnormalities.

Please have your doctor fill out the EEG Requisitionand have them fax it to our office to be booked.

Below are some links to further information about EEG:



General Neurology

As a general neurologist and epileptologist Dr. Bercovici will see other neurological conditions and is able to diagnose and manage most common neurological conditions. If it needs specialized testing such as nerve conduction studies he may refer to one of his colleagues. If treatments fail he may refer you to one of his colleagues specializing in those fields.


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